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Effective and Transparent Business Processes

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your company’s processes? Discover AMODIT – a solution that will automate and digitize, ultimately streamlining your team’s work.

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Benefits for your company from electronic document workflow

Cost Reduction

Optimally designed business processes mean saving time and money for your company.

Increased Efficiency

Automation eliminates monotonous and repetitive tasks from the process, allowing employees to focus on other tasks.

Data for Analysis

The system collects and analyzes data, which you can report and analyze directly within the system. Intuitive “drag and drop” option, convenient filtering using AI, and an efficient and smooth user interface are just some of the advantages of AMODIT.

Accelerated Decision-Making

The AMODIT platform enables you to close the workflow faster without wasting time on phone calls, emails, and going from desk to desk.

Paperless Office

You can store all necessary documents in AMODIT electronically, making it easier for the entire team to access information.

Quick Access

The AMODIT platform will become your personal electronic archive. You can easily find the case you’re interested in and review its details.

Flexible Solution

As your company evolves, AMODIT keeps pace. Implemented processes can be flexibly modified and updated to meet changing needs.

Convenient Low-Code

Easy modifications are a strong point of AMODIT. You can make changes to processes independently without writing any code.

Remote Work

AMODIT users can participate in processes from anywhere with internet access. This solution enhances team communication, making it even more effective.

How the AMODIT Platform Works

The AMODIT platform makes it easy to bring your business process into the digital realm. Just five simple steps separate your team from greater daily work comfort and improved efficiency. Utilize ready-made components and effortlessly optimize individual processes.

1. Design the PATH

Use the state diagram design tool to define the stages in your process.

2. Create the FORM

During the process workflow, participants work with data – allow them to fill in structured and validated forms. Optimization and automation of tasks are crucial at this stage. Not all form data needs to be entered manually. With AMODIT, you have the option to use any OCR tool to automatically read data from attachments.


Every business process, regardless of industry or company size, is governed by specific rules. Transfer these rules to AMODIT, automating as many tasks as possible in the process.

4. Perform Necessary INTEGRATIONS

An essential aspect of process automation is integrating with other applications your company uses. Before implementation, determine which applications you use and what goals you want to achieve. Based on this, we will select the best integration method or propose a ready-made solution.


Users can begin working with the process and entering data into the workflow.

Digital Transformation 100% Tailored to Your Needs

Choose the Model That Fits Your Company

The AMODIT platform is available in two models: on-premises or SaaS (Software as a Service). You decide whether you prefer to have the entire infrastructure on-site or if you prefer us to handle its management.

One Tool – So Many Possibilities

AMODIT gives you full control over the pace of your company’s digital transformation. You can transfer individual processes to the platform step by step, continuously monitor the results, and make further decisions based on them.

Scale and Achieve More

AMODIT grows with your company. Implementing an electronic document workflow system is a long-term investment, which is why processes in AMODIT are open to changes. You get a flexible tool that allows you to adapt your processes to the evolving business landscape, continually enhancing your team’s efficiency.

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