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Do you want to reduce the flow of paper documents and optimize operational processes? Discover the BPM platform, which will help you increase your company’s efficiency.

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What example processes
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Handling of request for proposals (RFPs)

Creditworthiness analysis

Purchase and sale agreement

Internal communication within the company

Handling special orders for key clients

Calling back and sending SMS messages to clients

Vehicle issuance procedure

Approving menu changes

Any other

Benefits for your company from BMP Platform

Customer service

at an even higher level

Increasing comfort

of employees’ work

Ability to measure response time

broken down by selected criteria

Easy identification of areas

requiring improvement

Greater team efficiency

that doesn’t waste time on manual tasks

BPM platform
  • Success story with BPM platform

    Challenge: calling back and sending SMS messages to clients 

    A company approached us with the need to increase team efficiency in calling back clients. Managers wanted to know the time it took for an employee to attempt a callback and have visibility into what happens when contact is not made. We proposed the AMODIT system, which facilitates control over such processes. The next step for the client was to implement the necessary changes to improve team performance.

    The solution before system implementation

    Before implementing the AMODIT system, the client addressed this issue in a traditional manner – the secretary would note the callback request on a yellow sticky note and place it on a special board. Each employee would check the board for messages upon returning to the office. This system worked but had several weaknesses, including:

    • Employees had to return to the office to receive the message. They couldn’t do this while on a business trip.
    • The company had no control over whether the employee called the client back or when they did it.
    • If a callback attempt was made and the client didn’t answer, it was up to the employee to decide whether to try again.
    • The process did not include SMS messages sent to clients.

    Scope and benefits of implementation

    To address the identified issues, the company implemented a process in the AMODIT system. From that point on, the secretary, after receiving a call, fills out a form, entering the message along with the callback phone number and the person assigned to make the call.

    The task is sent to the selected employee, who is notified via email. This allows the employee to call the client back before arriving at the office. Simultaneously, the system gathers crucial information such as the date the task was registered and the callback time. Managers now have the ability to conveniently check response times, broken down by individuals, months, and other criteria.

    When the employee presses the “No Answer” button, an SMS is sent to the client. This informs the client that the company attempted to contact them and allows them to try calling back at a more convenient time.

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