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Contract workflow

Are you looking for a way to simplify contract management in your company? Contract Workflow is a solution that streamlines the entire process of creating, sending, approving, and storing contracts. It saves you time and reduces the amount of paper documentation, making contract management much more efficient.

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Who is Contract Workflow for?

Contract workflow in a company is a crucial element that serves various groups of stakeholders. For the legal department, it is an essential mechanism for managing contracts, ensuring compliance with regulations, and minimizing potential legal risks for the enterprise. Company management uses this process as a tool to monitor commitments and projects, ensuring consistency in operations. Operational departments utilize contract workflow to execute specific business activities and projects. For clients and business partners, contract workflow provides assurance regarding the terms of cooperation and mutual commitments. External auditors may also need access to contracts to conduct audits and evaluate the company’s activities.

Why contract workflow?

Contract workflow is essential for streamlining and enhancing document management within a company. It enables faster and more efficient exchange of documents between different departments and employees, reducing the time needed for approval processes. Contract workflow minimizes the risk of human errors by automating many stages of the process, resulting in greater accuracy and compliance with regulations. It also allows for more organized storage and archiving of contracts, making them easier to access in the future. Additionally, contract workflow facilitates monitoring and tracking the progress of contract execution and expiration dates. It is also a more eco-friendly solution, reducing the amount of paper used and supporting the idea of sustainable development.

Benefits for your company from contract workflow

AMODIT is a system that streamlines business operations on multiple levels. What do you gain by managing contract workflow with its help?

Collaborative work on a document

Multiple people can simultaneously work on the same document, such as an MS Word file. They can add comments or modify the document text. Every change is immediately visible to others who are editing the same document at that time.

Document versioning

Each document can be downloaded to a local computer, edited, and uploaded to AMODIT as a new version. When you have a new version of the same document, such as a signed scan of a contract, you can add it to a case in AMODIT as the next version of the previously attached document.

Contract templates

In many cases, contracts have a fixed, unchanging content. However, they include several fields that need to be filled in, such as the contractor’s details, amounts, delivery dates, warranty periods, and others. These issues can be subject to negotiation and approval. At the end of the process, they are automatically inserted into the document. As a result, we obtain a contract filled with the necessary data.

Parallel review

Preparing a contract requires obtaining multiple opinions. AMODIT allows multiple people to add their opinions simultaneously, significantly reducing the time needed to gather them.


The collaboratively developed version of the contract can go through an approval path for final content validation.

Task deadlines

Monitoring deadlines is crucial for efficiently preparing a contract for signing. AMODIT allows you to set and monitor deadlines, for example, for reviews.

Even more benefits from contract workflow

Work facilitation

Since version 2019.0001 of the AMODIT platform, we have introduced the possibility of collaborative work on the same document at the same time. By adding a document of type MS Word, MS Excel, or MS PowerPoint to a case, you can open and edit it directly in your browser. Simultaneously, other people with access to the document can also open and edit it. Each person can see their own cursor and the area they are currently editing. They can also see the cursors of others and observe the content being changed by them. All changes made by editing individuals are immediately available to other users. No one needs to save the document, as automatic saving is provided by the MS Office Online Server service.

Control over document versions

AMODIT provides a simple versioning mechanism for documents. This applies to every type of document, not just MS Office documents that can be edited online and are versioned automatically. PDF, JPG, and other types of documents can be added to cases in AMODIT. When you have a new version of the same document, such as a scan of a signed contract, you can upload it as a new version of the already attached document. This way, you maintain order in the document list, having a single entry, for example, contract.pdf, with the “underneath” versions being the unsigned version and the current signed version.

Creating a shared workspace

Standard contracts, letters, responses, or forms that only require filling in specific data fields are situations where AMODIT will support you perfectly. All you need to do is prepare a document template and indicate where the data from your process form fields should be inserted. Once prepared, the MS Word document placed in the process definition will be available in every case within that process. Users just need to fill in the data on the form, the process goes through the required approval stages, and you can print a ready contract, letter, or response. This functionality is especially useful in the HR department (contracts, task orders, work orders), health and safety departments (various protocols, letters, etc.), and sales departments (simple standard contracts).

Multiple people working at the same time

Gathering feedback on a contract can take many days, especially if we ask different people or departments for their opinion sequentially. AMODIT allows sharing the case with the contract simultaneously with multiple people. Everyone can familiarize themselves with the current state of the contract, make content amendments (see: collaborative work on a document), and also express their opinion/stance on the contract or proposed changes. For this purpose, a table, e.g., named “Reviewing,” is available on the form with various information according to the review method in your company. For example, these could be issues like “Financial Risk Assessment,” “Environmental Impact,” “Legal Opinion,” “Tax Opinion,” “Impact on Employment,” “Impact on Other Contracts,” “Assessment of Previous Cooperation with the Contractor,” and many others. Each of these opinions is expressed by a different department or person. The ability to work on the same form, without needing to pass it on to subsequent people, is crucial for efficiently gathering these opinions.

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