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e-Sender is a tool, integrated with AMODIT, that enables comprehensive handling of correspondence in electronic form and replaces registered mail with return receipt.

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Who is e-Sender for?

e-Sender is designed for all entrepreneurs, companies, as well as public institutions and professions of public trust that want to simplify and streamline their administrative operations. Regardless of the industry or scale of operations, e-Sender integrated with AMODIT allows for electronic management of documents and processes related to correspondence. If you are looking for a solution that saves time, minimizes the risk of errors, and ensures convenience in handling the e-Sender inbox, this integration is for you.


Why e-Sender?

e-Sender was created to transform traditional, paper-based processes into efficient digital solutions. With e-Sender, you can achieve several key goals. First, you will significantly reduce the time needed to send and handle documents, allowing your team to focus on more strategic tasks. Second, you will minimize the costs associated with printing and mailing documents. Finally, e-Sender enables you to maintain full control over documentation and ensure compliance with current regulations. All of this contributes to streamlining your company’s operations and saving resources.

Benefits of e-Sender for your company

Communication between public entities and companies is a daily task that consumes a lot of time for officials and employees. Both sides spend many hours printing, sending, and archiving documents. Now, with the introduction of the mandatory use of e-Sender, you have the opportunity to significantly simplify this process and save valuable time.

Reduced dispatch time

The letter will appear in the recipient’s electronic inbox within a maximum of 24 hours from the time of dispatch, but usually, it takes only a few seconds – delivering a traditional letter, even a priority one, within this timeframe is impossible.

Documents will be delivered without the need for printing

You no longer need to print and manually deliver documents. With e-Sender, the entire process becomes much more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Using the e-Sender service is free of charge

Unlike sending a registered letter with return receipt, which costs several to a dozen or so PLN, the e-Sender inbox is free. However, its integration with AMODIT requires an appropriate license.

How do e-Sender work?

See how e-Sender can transform the way communication occurs between entities and how you can send and receive correspondence through the e-Sender inbox using AMODIT.

Correspondence received via the e-Sender inbox will become a new source of incoming mail for your organization, but it will not be the only one. You will still receive correspondence from other sources, such as traditional letters or emails.

By integrating e-Sender with AMODIT, your company gains the ability to comprehensively handle electronic correspondence. All outgoing and incoming correspondence can be efficiently managed on a single, optimized electronic document workflow platform, AMODIT.

Even more benefits of e-Sender

Full digitization

With integration, all correspondence from e-Sender, as well as incoming traditional mail, can be stored and managed digitally, eliminating the need for handling paper documentation.

Consistency and uniformity

Integration allows for a uniform and consistent way of managing the entire document flow, regardless of the source.

Easy monitoring

Thanks to the integration, you can easily track the status and history of each document, making it easier to monitor its flow and timeliness.

Error reduction

Automatically transferring data from e-Sender to the document workflow system minimizes the risk of human errors, leading to greater accuracy and quality in document handling.

Quick response

Integration allows for an immediate response to received documents without the need for manually checking the e-Sender inbox.

Optimized team work

Thanks to the integration, teams can collaborate more efficiently, share documents, and work on them together.


Documents from e-Sender can be easily archived and accessed in one place within the document workflow system, making them easier to search and retrieve.

What does the integration support?

  • Sending Correspondence: Fully electronic and hybrid methods. The hybrid PUH service allows for sending a letter using the e-Sender inbox to a recipient who does not yet have an e-Sender address. In this process, the electronic form is converted by Poczta Polska into a paper form, and the letter is delivered traditionally as mail.
  • Receiving Correspondence
  • Receiving Electronic Proofs of Dispatch and Receipt
  • ADE Mailbox Database


The obligation to use e-Sender makes electronic document exchange an integral part of your daily operations. This ensures compliance with regulations while gaining control over your documents and significantly improving the communication process. When will this obligation apply to your organization? Check the schedule below.

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