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Electronic document workflow in the FMCG industry

Do you want to speed up processes in your company that require the involvement of people from different departments? Are you interested in the electronic workflow of invoices and contracts? Check out how AMODIT improves the daily work of companies in your industry with the example of the process for approving new projects.

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Who wants electronic document workflow in the FMCG industry?

AMODIT is ideal for companies in the FMCG industry that want to streamline business processes and speed up decision-making. For example, electronic approval of packaging projects saves time and facilitates communication between employees in the marketing, legal, and technical departments.

Why electronic document workflow in the FMCG industry?

The decision-making process involving multiple people from different departments poses a challenge for many businesses. The key is smooth information flow between employees and organizing the subsequent stages of tasks. If you want to automate operations in your company, with AMODIT you can plan processes that enhance your team’s efficiency. Additionally, you can implement electronic document workflows that streamline operations and save employees a significant amount of time.

Benefits for your company from electronic document workflow in the FMCG Industry

How will implementing AMODIT streamline task execution in your company? Among the key benefits are:

Minimizing paperwork

in paper form

Accelerating workflows

of invoices, contracts, orders

Efficient handling

of a large volume of projects

Convenience of access

to information on project statuses

Time savings

and increased team efficiency

Effective communication

between employees within the team

Simplification of rules

for ordering materials and organizing the list of suppliers

Even more benefits for the FMCG industry

Approve projects electronically

After organizing the process and transferring it to AMODIT, all projects are approved electronically. This applies not only to new tasks but also to modifications of those created before the tool was implemented. This way, a single database of current projects is created, facilitating their ongoing verification.

Track project status in real-time

Key elements in the process are those that inform participants about the progress of work and the required documentation. With AMODIT, you can easily check whether a project has been approved and sent for execution to the supplier or if it has received all necessary approvals. The process allows for monitoring the status, deadlines, and payments. Finally, each project will be archived.

Introduce a clear project approval path

AMODIT will organize the individual stages of work. From adding sketches to redirecting for approval by various departments: marketing (verifying the idea with the product campaign concept), legal (checking compliance with current regulations), and technical (determining how to execute the project).

From sketches to finalization

The project, with all approvals, goes to the selected manufacturer, who prepares the final product proposal and sends it for approval. This is the stage of the final order, such as producing a specific number of packages. Any necessary adjustments to the project are processed within AMODIT. Everything is managed in one place – from the beginning to the end of the project.

Keep your finger on the pulse

With a tool designed this way, you can be sure that no stage of the project approval process will be overlooked. Participants know what documentation must be included and what is missing. This minimizes the risk of errors and lost documents, while also allowing you to easily monitor the current status of the project.

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