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Personnel files

Personnel files are an essential component of human resource management in any organization. They serve as a comprehensive repository for all important information regarding employees from the moment of their recruitment until the termination of their employment. Proper management of personnel files is crucial not only for efficient personnel administration but also for ensuring compliance with labor laws and the protection of personal data.

Definition of Personnel Files

Personnel files, also known as employee documentation, are an organized set of documents containing information about each employee. In Poland, the obligation to maintain personnel files arises from the Labor Code and other specific regulations such as the Personal Data Protection Act.

Components of Personnel Files

The basic documents included in personnel files are:

  • Application Documents: CV, cover letter, recruitment test results.
  • Employment Contract and Its Amendments: Employment agreements and any subsequent amendments.
  • Documents Related to Employment History: Work certificates, periodic evaluations, training documentation, etc.
  • Personal and Address Data of the Employee: Copies of identification documents, statements, consents for personal data processing, etc.

Legal Aspects of Storing Personnel Files

The storage of personnel files is regulated by law, which requires employers to secure these data from unauthorized access. Employers are obliged to retain an employee’s personnel files for no less than 10 years after the termination of employment, unless other regulations specify otherwise.

Importance of Personnel Files for Employers

Personnel files are not only a legal requirement but also a valuable source of information for employers, enabling them to:

  • Quickly obtain information about an employee’s employment history.
  • Monitor employee development and training.
  • Conduct employee evaluations.
  • Defend against potential employee claims.

Importance of Personnel Files for Employees

For employees, personnel files ensure that their rights are respected and that all significant agreements and documents are properly archived. They also provide the ability to verify the data collected by the employer.

Managing Personnel Files in the Digital Age

Contemporary trends in human resource management are prompting more companies to digitize personnel files. Electronic systems for managing employee documentation not only increase administrative efficiency but also improve data security through advanced encryption and access authorization technologies.


Personnel files are a key element in the functioning of any company, ensuring effective and lawful management of human resources. Proper maintenance and protection of these files are not only a legal obligation but also a significant factor influencing the security and privacy of employee data. Therefore, every employer should place great emphasis on how personnel files are stored and managed.